Dr. Chacón has been a community leader and advocate for social justice for over 16 years. Throughout his career, he has been an active member of our Wenatchee community and has listened to your celebrations and concerns.

He is ready to represent you as a member of the Wenatchee City Council.

Professional Experience

Since 2006 I have been the Director and Counselor at Northwest Family Services Institute (NWFSI) when I founded this organization.

Previously I worked in a private practice as a Consultant, Guardian Ad Litem, EPIC and Head Start Mental Health Consultant, Child and Family Mental Health Therapist, consultation and training on cultural diversity, Chicano/Latino mental health and other topics; an Interim Director at Camp Fire USA; and Instructor at Wenatchee Valley Community College; a Family Therapist at Northwest Family Therapy Institute in Yakima; an Executive Director at Good Grief Center; the Minority Program Manager/Therapist at Okanogan County Counseling Services; a Program Coordinator of Cuban Resettlement Program at the Metropolitan Development Center in Tacoma; a Bilingual Bicultural Counselor at Seattle Central Community College; a Director and Teacher in the Lynden School District…


I graduated with a Doctor of Psychology in 2005 from the accredited Southern California University for Professional Studies. I have worked in the counseling field in various capacities since 1969, including experiences as case manager, mental health clinician, educator and administrator.

Education…a quick look

  • Chemical Dependency Counseling, September 2017
    • City of University of Seattle, WA
  • Doctor of Psychology, June 2005
    • Southern California University for Professional Studies, Santa Ana, California
  • Post Graduate Studies in Clinical Psychology, August 1981
    • Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Becas Para Aztlan Fellowship)
  • Master’s in Education, August 1974
    • Western Washington University (Department of Social and Health Services Fellowship)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Major: Psychology; Minor: Sociology), August 1973
    • Western Washington University 

Community Service

I co-founded a non-profit organization called the Community for the Advancement of Family Education (CAFE) in 2004 alongside my wife, Alma Chacón, when we saw a need to provide opportunities in leadership, civic and social engagement, literacy development, and academic advancement for our Wenatchee community. Since then we have provided seven, now eight, yearly scholarships to graduating high school seniors in the greater Wenatchee area. CAFE also partners with One America and WA New Americans where we provide information regarding citizenship and also volunteer at their annual Citizenship Day.

Most recently, CAFE has partnered with Parque Padrinos, the committee behind beautifying Methow Park, to create Dream as a Team. Together we work to provide educational opportunities, in various capacities, to the youth of South Wenatchee. Dream as a Team has performed at various community events.


My wife and I have lived in Wenatchee for over 20 years where our three youngest children went to school and graduated from Wenatchee High School!

I find pride in my family, work and my beloved Wenatchee. Enlisting in the Vietnam War provided me an opportunity to serve my country and presently an opportunity to serve Wenatchee as a city council member.