I would like to thank you all very much for your support. It has been quite a journey and in the process I have had the opportunity to meet many people and I am grateful for the friendships.

Congratulations to Linda Herald, I know that working together will be important as we move forward in serving the needs of our community.Thank you all, again, for your support, passion and commitment!

Our hard work doesn’t end here though! We must continue to work together to strengthen and involve our community! The Wenatchee Valley counts on all of YOU to demand reciprocity, seek justice, and establish equality. Working in conjunction with Wenatchee’s government is paramount moving forward.

Together, let’s work towards a SUPERIOR Wenatchee!

One thought on “THANK YOU!

  1. Juanita (Uhler) Burlew November 6, 2019 / 6:43 pm

    Dear Jorge,
    I hope you are well. You must feel a sense of pride knowing the you have the respect of those in your community. I’m proud to think of you as ‘mi hermano y amigo…!’ Wishing you the best in life, Always.
    —Juanita (la hermanita de Pete)


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