“Chacón For All” You Spoke, I Listened…

Listening to our community’s concerns and creating a plan of action is my goal to bridge gaps in our Wenatchee Valley.

Through our poll and canvassing efforts by our amazing campaign volunteers, I have had a chance to listen and understand your concerns and want to take a minute of your time to address them.

Affordable housing

  • I ask myself, how’s the next generation going to afford to live in the Valley? I’ve read in the news paper about the difficulty and how it’s getting harder and harder for families, and new arrivals to find housing and work in our beloved Wenatchee. When I’m on the Council, I will work in partnership with council members to find creative solutions to our housing needs. Where there’s a will there’s a way!


  • Wenatchee is full of visionaries and entrepreneurs, so let’s provide an opportunity for our Wenatchee community to thrive by promoting small businesses.
  • I believe that a strong economy is based on the locally- and family-owned businesses (entrepreneurship) that help in providing jobs, economic stability and city revenue. Promoting stewardship based on one Wenatchee- one community establishes a mutual amigo relationship between consumers and business owners. Taking into account the continual growth in population we must address our economy and the job opportunities in the Wenatchee area. I believe that creating opportunities for small businesses to prosper will support the needs of our community members to thrive in Wenatchee, all the while expanding.
  • We live in a beautiful area and we need to build a future with jobs that sustain our Valley and our planet. As a City we should be doing all we can to assist the development of sustainable growth that provides good-paying jobs to support our families and our Valley.

Wenatchee Valley’s climate/environmental concerns

  • Looking into more efficient ways to recycle and compost can prove to be beneficial in helping our community and environment. Wenatchee is beautiful and to enhance the beauty we must ensure we do our part. There are several states and countries around the world that have implemented innovative ways to help our environment, and while change can be challenging, I do believe it will catapult our Wenatchee to be known as the most desirable city to live and/or visit.
  • We also need to be proactive and work with and support  efforts that address the impact of fires in our surrounding areas. We need to consider the different effects/impacts the fires have on the environment, health, and economy, and prioritize the needs and actions.

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